What’s the purpose of inheritance planning?
Many heirs are landed with a nasty surprise when they are confronted with the inheritance tax that has to be paid, which often eats up a large part of the estate. However, the legislator provides you with a whole host of possibilities for organising your estate with all due diligence.
How do you go about this in practice?
Inheritance planning is a customised job, since no two family situations are exactly the same. Dekervel & Co works with renowned partners in this area, too. All you have to do is call in at our offices on Statiestraat and tell us what your personal wishes are, in peace and quiet and in complete discretion, whereupon a report can be drawn up containing:
  • a summary of the possible solutions/adjustments
  • an outline of the total cost scenario per possible solution
  • an optimisation with actual figures for the possible solutions.
After an in-depth discussion of the pros and cons you are free to decide whether you want to go ahead with this, without any obligation. Both you and your heirs will reap the rewards of proper inheritance planning.

Contact Dirk Dekervel (0495/52 44 32) for a personal inheritance planning.