Dirk Dekervel (Veurne, 17/05/1957) began his professional career at the ABB-verzekeringen Insurance college and became inspector at AVM verzekeringen (Fidea) in 1978. He was already active as an independent broker in this period, as well as working as an inspector for the West Flanders region.

In 1982 Dirk Dekervel started a collaboration with exchange broker Bernard Busschaert with his head office on Lippenslaan in Knokke. The growing success led to this independent exchange brokerage activity being subsumed into the ordinary limited partnership (GCV) Dekervel & Co in 1987. On 17/05/1987 the new offices of the independent branch for Busschaert & Co exchange agents were brought into use at Zuidstraat 60 in Veurne.

In 1989 the collaboration with Busschaert & Co was discontinued. Dirk Dekervel received an offer from Daniel Mignon to work with the brokerage firm Mignon, Declerck and Blaimont, which had its offices on the Marsveldplein in Brussels. This broking firm worked with De Tijd and De Belegger. Mr. Georges Hanart, member of the Paris stock exchange and an eminent financial analyst, was one of the advocates of this successful collaboration. In 1993 Mignon, Declerck and Blaimont was taken over by another broking firm. The management opted for an approach based on discretionary management. Dekervel & Co wanted to carry on playing his role as an independent self-employed exchange broker and found an ideal new partner in Smeets Verbaet.

In 1993, Smeets Verbaet, with its head office in Kipdorp (Antwerp), was the largest independent broking firm in Flanders. This brokerage firm, which had been established in 1892, already had a history of reliability stretching back over a hundred years. To fit in with the character and discreet image of Smeets Verbaet, the town house at Statiestraat 5 in Veurne was purchased, and Dekervel & Co opened its new offices in the spring of 1993.

Smeets Verbaet was transformed into Smeets Securities, a genuine brokerage firm with private and institutional clients, professional asset management and branch-23 unit-linked insurance products, with offices in Antwerp, Ghent and Veurne.

In 1997 Smeets Securities was taken over by the international private banking department of the Dutch Delta Lloyd Group. This financial group of Dutch origin was a subsidiary of the British company CGNU. Smeets Securities was turned into Delta Lloyd Securities, with offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and Veurne. In November 2003 Bank Nagelmackers 1747 became part of the Delta Lloyd Group, resulting in Dekervel & Co being able to offer its clients asset management and fund management via dedicated funds.

In 2006 Delta Lloyd Securities was taken over by Delta Lloyd Bank. At that point Dekervel & Co transferred all its stock exchange clients to the sister company Centea, Dumoulin office, in Veurne. Dekervel & Co has been operating since 2006 as an "insured savings scheme insurance broker" and to this end works with some 30 insurance companies in Belgium and abroad. In this period Dekervel & Co was the pioneer of Private Banking Insurance.

Dekervel & Co threw open its doors in 2010, with the new offices with conference room at Statiestraat 7 being brought into use in May that year. Providing for carefree retirement through asset build-up with bespoke solutions, and at the best price, was the leitmotif defining and underlying its new outlook and strategy.

On 01/01/2012 Bankshopper.be and Dekervel & Co NV started working together in the framework of an exclusive partnership. Bankshopper.be is Belgium’s fastest growing comparative website. Using Bankshopper.be consumers can compare financial products and then apply for them with a click of the mouse. The principle is very simple: Bankshopper.be forwards all online applications for unit-linked insurance products to insurance broker Dekervel & Co NV. This means that as of 01/01/2012 visitors to the website Bankshopper.be can invest with the company of their choice and in the product of their choice at the best conditions on the market. This collaboration makes it possible for Bankshopper.be and Dekervel & Co to make their expertise and service available to an even broader public.

After exactly 7 years, Dekervel & Co returns to the roots at 'Statiestraat 5', where they were active as a broker in te period 1982 to 2006. In october 2016 we put into use the new offices, after a renovation by interior designer Katrijn Dekervel. Because of a merger between Finasma S.A. and Flornoy Gestion & Associés, the parisian asset manager wil exclusively manage the Fonds Dedié linked insurance class 23. This Parisian asset manager has a rich history dating back to 1819. Flornoy and Dekervel combine their common vision and businesses on a human scale and provide a personal and involved approach. Both companies remain independent and guarantee thus a free choice for their clients.

With its discreet approach and solvency, regional grounding, independent advice, quality monitoring and cooperation with renowned partners over the past 35 years, Dekervel & Co has grown into a major player in unit-linked insurance with clients throughout Flanders.